Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Should You Invest?

Investment has been increasing important to many people. It has become a way to secure their retirement, achieve their desired lifestyle or even secure their children's future.

1) Inflation... the $50k can buy u car now, but $50k can only buy u half a car in 2050.
Money becomes smaller and smaller... its just like why a $0.10 can buy a meal in 1980 and now, you can drop and forget about it.

2) Extras Extras Extras! ... Modern days technology allow more common people like u and me to be involved in trading CFDs, Forex, stocks, or even precious metals. Unlike in the past whereby only a priviledged few are able to do so. Who would mine extra money...

3) Security... With inflation in mind, your money will not worth much as time goes by, even with the Bank u deposit with adds pathetic interest to your savings. Is just not worth to put your money with the bank anymore. But that is of course you have $20million and can live off the interest for the rest of your life...

4) Its the trend NOW! ... more and more youngster at the age of 20-28 are investment savvy, they talk about being banker, fund manager and even talk about stocks performance... the world today gives the ideal that only financial people drives sports car and live the life of their dream. Ha!... so ya... invest to learn... and join in the talk.

it is obvious that the modern world youngster are learning to invest but however, most people are still at the stage of talk and no show.

Walk the TALK people!

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